Sunday at Home

Sunday August 27th 2017

Today was another hot one. It got up to high 90s in the late afternoon. Like a car in the sun, a motorhome heats up quickly when the sun hits it. I am currently parked under trees that shade the rig for the first half of the day, but by mid afternoon the sun is coming straight at the font windshield. Even with the front blinds down and the windows open it will get very hot quickly. I need to close the windows and turn the air conditioners on. Luckily it gets down to around 60 overnight, so I can shut the AC off and open the windows back up.

I stayed at home today. There are still a few things in the area that I want to see, but I’ll be back in this area in two or three years. All of the national parks are a draw to the area and Interstate 15 is a main north south route. That’s one of the nice things about this life style. You don’t have to see everything in a hurry, you know you can always come back. Now that I know the terrain a little better and as I gain more experience with the RV in the mountains, I will be able to book campsites nearer some of the national parks. I’ve been very conservative, even skittish in where I’ve driven the motorhome so far.

Tomorrow I’m moving on. It will be a very short repositioning trip of about fifty miles to the St. George Utah area. From there I can explore Zion National Park and other areas of Southwestern Utah, Northwestern Arizona and Eastern Nevada. The short hop is do to the holiday weekend. I reserved the St. George Utah stop before I selected this location in Cedar City for my visit to Bryce Canyon.


Boneless Pork Chops on the grill.

My big accomplishment for the day was dinner. I grilled a couple of boneless pork chops. One was for dinner today and the other will be cut up with some fried rice for a meal during the week. Other than that I took a short walk around the campground and started preparation for traveling tomorrow.

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