Travel to Cedar City UT

Tuesday August 22nd 2017

It was raining lightly as I packed up to move this morning. The intermittent rain continued most of the way to my destination in Cedar City Utah. With only a little over one hundred miles to travel, I managed to time my departure right at the 11AM checkout time. The traffic was light on the first part of the trip, but it got heavy once I turned south on Interstate 15. I made two stops along the way to time my arrival after the specified checkin time. One stop was for gas and another was at a rest area for a bite to eat.

The gas stop was a little surprising. The cost of gas was $2.89 a gallon for 85 octane gas. I’m still getting used to Regular grade gas only having 85 octane in the mountain areas of this country. The oil companies have determined that the lower octane is all that’s required to prevent the engines from knocking at altitude. To get an octane level closer to the 87 I’m used to, I would have had to pay an additional 20 cents a gallon for 88 octane.

The surprising thing was the $2.89 a gallon price. The last gas I purchased in Richfield UT for the car was $2.69 a gallon. I expected the price to be cheaper in the more heavily traveled area of I-15 so I waited to buy gas. What my miscalculation resulted in is having to pay more for more gas. I put in a little more than 48 gallons of gas for around one hundred and thirty seven dollars. If I’d bought gas at the start of the trip in Richfield UT, I’d have only put in about 38 gallons at twenty cents a gallon less. One way or another I had to buy gas today. I don’t like to let the 75 gallon tank get below a quarter full.

The kicker to the gas saga is that the gas price at the exit for my destination in Cedar City was $2.59 a gallon, but I don’t know if I could have gotten in an out of the station. It is always a trade off of cost vs. convenience. I don’t mind paying a little more for easy access to the gas pumps. In this case, I had scoped out the station I bought gas at in Google Maps satellite view before departing this morning.


Site D2 at the Cedar City KOA. Once again I get nice shade, but no satellite visibility.

I’m staying at the Cedar City KOA for the next 6 nights. From here I can tour the Cedar Breaks National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park. Cedar Breaks is at the top of mountains to the east of the city and Bryce is about 80 miles away over the same mountains. This location is a compromise resulting from not being able to find a reservation at a closer location.

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