Now we return to our regularly scheduled blogging…

Tuesday July 25th 2017

After a short hiatus from daily blogging to attend a family reunion in North Carolina I’m picking up where I left off in Salt Lake City Utah. Now is also a good time to restate why I put the effort into this blog. It serves several purposes. First it provides a record of my adventures (or lack thereof) to reinforce my memories. Second it keeps my friends and relatives informed on my whereabouts and activities. Hopefully it makes up some of the gap created by my lack of initiative in maintaining communications channels. Third it provides an example of what a solo traveler in an RV does day to day. In preparing for this lifestyle I read many blogs. This is my attempt to give a little back to future full time RVers. Finally, writing this blog provides a measure of structure to my day. Knowing I need to write a blog entry each evening gives me something to consider during the day. The need for an interesting topic to write about has been known to get me out of the RV after a couple of days of talking about the weather.


Sunset along the river in North Carolina

The family reunion in North Carolina was fun and it was good to see and talk to everybody. I flew non-stop on Delta from Salt Lake City to Raleigh NC on Thursday and back on Monday. The flights were full but uneventful. An uneventful flight is always good. All the drama about airplane travel in the news doesn’t need to happen on my flights.

I returned to find all new neighbors at the RV park. All I had to do was turn the water back on and get the rig cooled down to the comfortable level. It was the end of the Pioneer Day Holiday Weekend in Utah. The campground appeared to be full last night, but many people left this morning. It is not as full tonight.

I expected to get right back into sight seeing in the Salt Lake City area this morning, but the weather put a delay on that plan. The monsoon weather is in full swing here. There were thunderstorms overnight and the rain continued most of the morning. The rest of the day was off and on showers. I should have taken advantage of the cooler temperatures and ignored the rain. I will do that tomorrow if the rainy weather continues. Today I hung out in my RV home and got caught up on a few things.

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