A Day to Relax

Friday July 14th 2017

The day started off refreshingly cool. It got down into the sixties overnight. It was a calm partly cloudy day that approached one hundred degrees at the peak of the day. It was comfortable outside most of the day as long as you stayed out of the direct sun.


Ducks heading up stream.

I sat outside in the shade this morning to enjoy my breakfast coffee. That simple act set the pattern for an enjoyable lazy day at camp. Yesterday’s thoughts of continuing to explore the area never became an action. I spent most of the day reading and watching TV interspersed with moving my chair around to stay in the shade.


Ducks in the river with a mountain on the south west side of Utah Lake in the background.


Three more ducks in the river.

The Provo Utah airport is near the state park. The approach for the longest runway is almost over my campsite. It is primarily a general aviation airport with lots of private planes, helicopters and business jets. A couple of times today a Allegiant Air commercial 737 came in for a landing. I haven’t seen anything take off in this direction. With the exception of the helicopters, they aren’t too noisy and make an interesting diversion to watch.


Looking back at the marina from the outer area of the sheltered harbor.

This afternoon I walked across the park to the Provo River area. I sat in the shade and watched the ducks search for their lunch. There were many pairs of ducks swimming and diving in the slow current of the river. The different sizes and color patterns of the ducks point out just how few varieties I know. Even with a little internet searching, I’m not sure what kind of ducks I was watching.


Weather building over the mountains to the east as the afternoon progressed.

Continuing with my outdoor living theme for the day, I got the gas grill out of the basement storage for the first time in several weeks. It hasn’t been as long as my bicycle since I last used it, but I’m not in as much of a hurry to replace my old grill as I was at the start of my Rambling Road Trip. I’ll keep using this one until it completely rusts out. I grilled a nice thick porkchop and some potatoes for supper.

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