More area touring

Sunday May 28th 2017

The good weather has returned. It was mostly sunny all day and the temperature reached the mid to high 70s. Each day this week is forecast to get warmer. The down side is the warmth with melt the snow in the mountains faster than the ground can absorb the water. There are flooding concerns in the area.


Warm days ahead threaten to melt the snow on the mountains too fast. Flood warnings are in place in the valley.

I watched the start of the Indy 500 on TV this morning. The pre-race pageantry is fun to watch. How often do you get to hear someone sing “Back Home Again in Indiana”? The start of the race is almost anticlimactic after the opening ceremonies. After watching 30 laps or so, I got in left to see some more of the area.

Today’s goal was to find the King Mountain Glider Park in the town of Moore. This town of about 170 people is about twenty minutes northwest of Arco. I wanted to watch some folks hang gliding or soaring. While I found the correct area, there was any action going on. I can only guess that the conditions were not right.

I drove around for another hour or so before returning to my RV home. I fought a runny nose and watery eyes all day. It is probably a reaction to some pollen. The early return allowed me to catch the end of the Indy 500 on TV. It included a spectacular crash. Thankfully no one was hurt, but let’s face it that’s why most of us watch. We want to see the crashes.

The campground has been busy this weekend. Memorial day weekend is a family camping weekend. There are many families here in ever kind of equipment from single person tents to big Fifth wheel trailers. They gather around smoky campfires and cook marshmallows. One group of multiple families was even singing around their campfire last night. It’s good to see them enjoying the camping experience.

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