Travel Day to Twin Falls Idaho

Sunday May 14th 2017

The noisy departure of one of my neighbors got me started early this morning. I was up and preparing breakfast by 7:30. It was way earlier than I needed to be up. I only had 120 miles to my next destination.

I tried to prepare for travel slowly, but I was on the road north from Wells NV at 9:30. I had a straight run north on US 93. The road had a single lane in each direction except for the big climb out of the valley which added another climbing lane. I needed it, running at the 70mph speed limit was two fast for me.

The first section of road was through an area labeled as a “Deer Migration Crossing”. There were elaborate structures and high fences to keep motorists and deer apart. I say two bridges for the deer to cross and several tunnels under the road just for the animals to cross. I didn’t see any deer. I did see reference to hunting, so I wonder if the area is designated recreation land.

As I went north the ground cover changed. It started as gravel with low bushes and transitioned to grass with low bushes. Shortly after crossing into Idaho, the bushes disappeared and good cattle grazing land appear. It changed to cultivated farm land as I got nearer to Twin Falls. Somewhere along the way I also lost over two thousand feet in altitude even though I thought I was climbing.


Site 24 at the Twin Falls/Jerome KOA.

I am at the KOA just north west of Twin Falls Idaho in the town of Jerome. I plan to be here for ten days to checkout the southern Idaho attractions. The campground is in a good location, but the sites are a little close to each other. My site is about fifty feet from US 93, so it won’t be quiet. The trees in this area are in full foliage. The one beside my RV blocks my satellite dish so I’m using the campgrounds cable TV hookup. I’ll have to live without a couple of stations I have started to frequent. It isn’t worth moving to get a chance at a better satellite shot.

I also moved back into the Mountain time zone. The sun is setting later by the clock in this area. It is now 8:30 MST and dusk is arriving.

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