Reading at the Laundry

Sunday March 26th 2017

I still haven’t gotten back into touring mode after my week attending the Escapade, but I’m making progress. I left the campground today for the first time since the Escapade. It wasn’t for anything exciting, just essential. I went grocery shopping.

It was another beautiful day with only a little wind. The temperature peaked around 80 degrees. After watching the Redsox spring training game on TV, I went shopping. The grocery stores are in Casa Grande about ten miles north west of my RV home in Eloy. To get there I needed gas in the car. The price turned out to be five cents higher than last Wednesday. In fact, gas prices have gone up around 30 cents a gallon since I arrived in Arizona. They claim it is the refineries changing from a winter formula to a summer formula. It’s still better than a few years ago.

The old adage of not going to the grocery store with an empty stomach came into play today. I was hungry and I’ve been eating out of the freezer and the cereal cabinet the last couple of days. I over bought a few things. I bought both fresh baked bread and prepackaged sandwich bread. From the meat counter a package of two steaks jumped into my cart. The cookie aisle also contributed to my cart. It didn’t get too extreme, but I was questioning my judgment when I unloaded the groceries into the cabinets and refrigerator.

To solve the hunger problem, one of the steaks got grilled. I added a microwave baked potato and a small can of corn. Desert was a couple of the cookies from one of the packages that jumped into my cart at the grocery store.


Another interesting sky at sunset. 

Today’s other major accomplishment was the laundry. I drove over to the campground laundry with the intent of getting it started and returning to the rig. The significant supply of books in the laundry book exchange changed that idea. The number of books available has increased significantly as people departed the campground for the summer. There were about twice as many books available today than last time I did laundry. A Vince Flynn paperback, Separation of Power, caught my eye. I’ve read the book before, but didn’t remember the details of the plot. Once the wash was started, I started reading. About 10 minutes or so after the wash finished I looked up from the book long enough to start the dryer. I ended up bringing the book back to the camper with me for the evening.


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