Relaxation and Planning

Friday March 24th 2017

Today was a beautiful sunny day. The temperature topped out a little below the seasonal average at 75 degrees. It was a perfect day to rest up after the Escapade. It was great not having to drive one hundred and forty plus miles.

I really didn’t accomplish much other than rest. I intended to get the laundry done, but when I checked the laundry all 8 washers were in use with a backlog of dirty laundry to be loaded. I’ll try again over the next couple of days. I’m long way from running out of clean clothes.


Train heading northwest toward where my RV home is located.  I think there are two or three an hour going by.   (Picture taken through dirty car window.)

Another intended activity was making reservations for when I leave here in a weeks time. Last week I decided to head north toward the Verde Valley, Sedona and the Grand Canyon area, but I didn’t select the campgrounds. Today I prioritized my choices and started calling for reservations. One, two, three strikes and your out of the travel planning game. I could only find a couple of nights here and there. I don’t want to have to move more than tour. I’m now considering other options for the next couple of weeks. Las Vegas toward the end of April is still viable, but I don’t want to make the reservations until I get the beginning of the month booked.

I also did more research on the significant dates during the rest of the summer touring season. In particular the Memorial Day holiday, Fourth of July and late July when I want to be near an airport. The real problem continues to be the conflict between my desire to just go where I want when I want and the need to make reservations. The obvious solution is to book the major elements way in advance then fill in the gaps as the time approaches. I did that when I booked my current site last November. The downside comes when I extend my stay in one area and have to make a speed run to the new location. I didn’t enjoy my rapid cross country trip from Florida to Arizona. It would have been fine if I’d used the entire month of February as originally planned, but I delayed leaving Florida. Knowing my tendencies, It will happen more often than not when I book way in advance.

Today was one day that having the TV on for background noise was a distraction. The networks interrupted the regular broadcast at least four times to talk about the health care bill. First it was speculation, then fact, then the speaker of the house’s statement and finally the president’s statement. Each interruption got my attention and my frustration. The politicians and the reporters are equally annoying. I would have been happier if they had just interrupted once to say the bill had been withdrawn from consideration. I could then decide if I wanted to here the details or not. I watch the evening news or a news channel for the details.

I took at least three walks around the campground today. Over the last week it has continued to empty out. I’d guess that it is less than half full now. One of my neighbors started his diesel motorhome around seven thirty this morning. The low rumble woke me up and lasted for about a half an hour until he pulled out. Several of my immediate neighbors are from Canada and don’t plan to head north until late next month. I don’t anticipate any other noisy nearby departures until I leave at the end of the month.

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