Traveling up and down Florida’s Hills

Wednesday February 22nd 2017

I was on the road about 10:20 this morning. The first stop was one exit in the wrong direction to fill the motorhome’s gas tank. The extra few miles were worth the cost savings on fuel. Once I was back in Florida gas was ten cents more per gallon than in Georgia. More important than the cost was the good access. The station I bought gas at had two dedicated RV lanes with plenty of entry and exit room.

The big issue today was the weather. It didn’t rain overnight as forecast. Instead it held off until mid day then the sky opened up. While I was negotiating Interstate 10 around Tallahassee at the lunch hour Mother Nature decided to dump on us. Visibility was not good all the way around the city. I found a Rest Area on the far side of town to take a half hour break during which the rain let up some. I continued the drive in light rain for the next hour before it cleared up to partly cloudy.

Interstate 10 in this part of the state proves that Florida does have hills. The road goes up and down enough that using cruise control is right on the edge of practical. Quick transitions from up to down to up don’t allow the cruise control computer to maintain the RVs momentum. Once it starts to bog down it has to down shift, add throttle and up the RPMs. Driving it without the Cruise Control takes more attention, but I can anticipate the need for fuel and differ the down shifts until they are really needed.


Site D-19 at the Gulf Pines KOA in Milton FL.

Tonight I’m at the KOA in Milton Fl. It is located east of Pensacola about 35 miles from Alabama. I stayed here back in early October. Tomorrow I’ll move on west through Alabama and Mississippi into Louisiana. I need to find a campground in the Lafayette or Lake Charles area.

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