Slow Day in Starke

Tuesday January 31st 2017

What a difference a couple hundred miles makes. It got down to the mid to low 30s last night. When I got up this morning it was 48 degrees inside the motorhome. The temperature returned to the mid 70s by afternoon. I am in norther Florida so this type of weather is not unusual. It is not forecast to be as cold tonight.

I got a slow start this morning. This is partly because of the cold, but also because of my busy day yesterday. I woke up this morning with a couple of new aches and pains. I bumped my knee at one point yesterday. It hurt for a couple of minutes than went away. This morning it was stiff for awhile. Just one more reminder that the years are accumulating.

This campground is right on the busy north-south US highway 301. The area is very commercial with a strip mall next door and a car dealership and Walmart a short distance the other way. Across the busy highway is a busy railroad track. There is no way this area would be called quiet, but it isn’t bad in the campground.

This campground is mostly filled with winter residents. There seem to be very few sites for shorter stays. This afternoon I saw 3 units turned away from the full camp. Since I wasn’t watching all the time there were likely more. This is a friendly park. People greet you with a good morning or hello as you walk by. This is very unlike the park I spent the past month at. My sense is this park has more RVers than snowbirds in residence. The basic difference being the RVers have less of a sense of ownership that people coming year after year to the same place develop.


Little Blue Heron in the drainage pond.

Other than a trip out for groceries and to check out the town, I spent most of the day sitting outside reading. I took a couple of walks around the campground. There is drainage pond that isn’t only partially full in this winter dry season. Even so, they have beware of Alligators signs up. I indication that any were present, just one lonely little blue heron.

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