Travel Preparation Day

Sunday January 29th 2017

The first half of the day was all about rain. It rain over night into the late morning then struggled to dry out for the rest of the day. The temperature stayed in the mid 50s all day.

This is my last day at the Tampa South RV Resort. Tomorrow I’ll start my way west for the month of March in Arizona. My first stop will be about 200 miles north of in Stark Florida. I’m not going to spend a few days in that area before turning west.


Today’s Pelican Picture

Since I’ve been here a month, a lot of stuff needs to be packed up. The longer I stop, the more things get left out of their storage locations. I’ve got the outside preparations complete. The bicycle has been loaded on its carrier and the RV’s wheel covers have been stored. Inside, the dishes have are clean and stored away along with the appliances that came out during my stay. The coffee maker is the only appliance left for the morning.

I also took advantage of the laundry facilities at this resort. They have five washers and dryers in a very clean facility that aren’t too expensive. I don’t know when I’ll have my next opportunity to catch up on the laundry. It takes time and a decent looking facility. When I’m on the move the dirty laundry usually accumulates until I need something that’s dirty, I start running out of clean clothes or I stop for more than a night at a campground with good facilities.


Today’s flower picture

I plan to get underway around ten in the morning. This will mean I have to get up when I wake up. I can’t turn on the TV and role over like I’ve been doing lately. It is always difficult to get into travel mode after being in one place for a month or more.

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