Crossing the St. Johns River

Tuesday November 1st 2016

Today started out much better than yesterday. The sun was shining as in broke over the eastern horizon. It got windier and cloudier as the day progressed. The temperature topped out in the low 80s. It didn’t set a record high like it did on Monday.

I drove east today across the St Johns river to Green Cove Springs. I picked up my mail from my mail service St. Brendan’s Island and declared Green Cove Springs as my domicile at the Court House. I’ll be registering my vehicles and getting my Florida Drivers License at the building next to the court house in the next few days.

Just like the roads in St. Augustine the roads had piles of debris stacked on the sides. I saw a number of trees greater than two feet in diameter that were down. Some were snapped off halfway up the trunk and others were just pulled out of the ground. The massive root balls show just how shallow the root system goes down. I didn’t see any actual property damage. It is either subtle or has already been cleaned up and repaired.


Marina on the St. Johns River


Long docks to reach deep water

There was a good wind out of the northeast today. The St Johns river was choppy. I stopped at a boat launch and harbor just north of Green Cove Springs to check out the river and watch some of the boat action. Other than crab fisherman coming in with a load of empty pots, I did see much action.


Rafter of Turkeys in the field behind the campground.

Later in the day back at the campground I got my wildlife fix for the day. Out in the back field, beyond the RC aircraft runway, a rafter of turkeys was feeding. They were all pretty good size birds. I bet if they knew about Thanksgiving they’d be a little lest conspicuous.

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