A Visit to the Magic Kingdom

Wednesday October 26th

This afternoon I made my last visit to Disney for this stay in the Orlando area. I’ll be back for 5 nights in December staying on Disney property at the Fort Wilderness campground. Visiting the resorts and parks at Christmas time is a fun experience.


Cinderella Castle

Today’s visit was to the Magic Kingdom. I secured my three Fastpasses earlier in the week for Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and the Haunted Mansion. The plan was to arrive late and stay late for the Fireworks. The first part worked out but I didn’t hang around for the fireworks. The park was crowded and the standby times at the various attractions were mostly 40 minutes and up. I couldn’t find a good way to spend the 2 plus hours I needed to wait for the fireworks.


Lamp post decoration

The park is decorated for Halloween. On alternating nights the park has a special Halloween themed separate admission event. Most of the street lamps on main street have some form of Halloween decoration and the flower beds are in Halloween colors. In the theme areas the Halloween decorations are not as obvious, but plantings are still very fall themed.


I’m the guy hiding under the hat in the back row of the log on the Splash Mountain plunge.

I chose Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear as Fastpasses because I didn’t get to ride them last winter. It was to cold to get wet on Splash Mountain and Buzz was closed for repairs. The last time I road Splash Mountain was fifteen or twenty years ago. The queue areas has been expanded and enhanced since then. I remembered the theme for the ride chasing Br’er Rabbit through the briar patch, but anticipating the 50 foot drop I really didn’t pay attention. I don’t like roller coasters, but this is a log flume ride. At least, that’s what I kept reminding myself. I didn’t hate the ride and will probably ride it again.

In addition to the Fastpass rides I rode the steam train around the perimeter of the park and I rode the Journey of the Little Mermaid. The Mermaid ride is a cute underwater simulation of the events in the Little Mermaid move. A couple of things I noticed. The song is as haunting as the It’s a Small World song and for some reason this ride is not getting as much attention as other rides. It only had a 5 minute standby time. I enjoyed it.


Little Mermaid ride.


Ariel greeting visitors to her ride.

I also had supper at the Columbia Harbor House restaurant. The menu has been updated since last winter. I had the fried shrimp and a lemonade. The fish and chips I’ve had in the past are no longer on the menu.

I was back at my RV home a little after 8PM.

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