It’s called Hermine

Wednesday August 31st 2016

I spent most of the day watching the weather forecast and getting ready for whatever it brings. Early this afternoon the darn storm got a name, Hermine. What kind of name is that?


Storm front moving in. After 45 minutes of downpour the sun returned.

It still seems like the media and the local government are preparing for something that the residents of the area aren’t terribly worried about. I talked with a couple of local people today that seemed to boil it down to just another storm. As of 5PM the storm track has moved to the west. This is a good thing according to one TV forecaster and a not so good a thing according to another. I guess only time will tell and even that is changing. The peak of the storm is now Friday morning, about 12 hours later than yesterday’s forecast. I think what I’m not hearing is speculation from the TV forecasters. They just spin the facts hard or soft. It would be nice to know what they suspect will really happen.

I completed a few domestic chores and a couple of prep tasks for the storm. The black and gray tanks got dumped and as a precaution, I filled the water tank with fresh water. Another tank that got filled was the gas tank of my SUV. The motor home gas tank is already filled so the generator has plenty of fuel.


RV park laundry facility.

The major PITA task was doing the laundry. I had enough for three washing machines and two dryer loads. The problems started with the need to buy a money card at the office to operate the machines. The card cost $4 and I loaded $12 onto it. I used all of the stored money, so it cost $16 to complete the laundry. Each load only cost $2, but I screwed up a couple of times. I needed to wash one load twice since I forgot to put the soap in before the door locked. Then one of the dryer loads cost twice what it should have when I didn’t select the type of cycle before the money I had loaded timed out. Overall it took more than two hours to complete. I stayed at the laundry building the whole time as a couple of cloud bursts kept me undercover.

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