Pamlico River Day 3

Sunday July 31st 2016

Today started out sunny and humid and ended dark and stormy. Thunderstorms were the primary weather feature of the day. It caused plans to change and outdoor activities to move inside.

I got down to the river a little after 9AM. I got a chance to get a dip in the river before the weather turn sourer. Shortly after lunch the wind came up and the rain came down. Everything that wasn’t anchored down became airborne. It was scramble to get all of the loose stuff under control. After a couple of hours of storms it calmed down for an hour or so only to resume its fury.


Whitecaps develop on the river as the storm moves in.


High winds cause the sailboat to bob around.


Heavy wind driven waves break on the docks and seawall.


Setting sun below the clouds to the west during a break in the storm.




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