Trying to get lost

Saturday March 5th 2016

I didn’t have anything planned for today, but hanging around the rig all day was not an option. After breakfast and catching up on my Internet reading, I went to the Post Office to post some mail. Upon leaving the Post Office, I turned left instead of right toward home.

This is an exploration technique I’ve often used. Head out in a general direction, then turn in the direction the traffic seems to be coming from. In this case I knew there was a large lake in the general direction I was heading. I went through swamp land, new housing developments, old housing developments, cattle land and citrus groves. The roads I followed came to several “T” intersections forcing me to make a decision. I always went in the direction the traffic was coming from. If there was no traffic, I went in the direction my car’s compass said was away from my home location.

Some of the citrus groves were being picked.  I don’t know what variety, but the fruit was orange.   I have only seen a few trees that I could identify as being grapefruit and they weren’t in this area.   Most of the trees I’ve seen do not have any visible fruit having already been picked.

I never found the lake, but traveled about 40 miles in a large half circle. I returned to areas I was familiar with in the Lake Wales area about 25 miles south of the RV Resort. It was an enjoyable ride.

I didn’t find anything remarkable on this drive, but in the past I’ve found parks and attractions that I did know about. I’ll continue to use this technique as I travel. I’m not going to get lost as long as I know the major roads that bound an area. Once you reach one of these roads you know where you are located. Of course, my phone has Google Maps as long as I’m in cell phone range which isn’t a problem here in Florida. Cell coverage will be a concern as I move out west later in my Rambling Road trip.

The rest of the day was spent with a little shopping and a lot of television.

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