I think most people are goal oriented. They may not think of them as goals, but each of us have plans, desires, reasons for doing things and just general ideas for the future.

My primary goal can best be stated as a negative, a fear. I don’t want to become a hermit, a recluse an isolated person withdrawn from society. Given my introverted personality characteristic, this would seem to be a valid concern. I want to continue to see and experience new things.

To combat this concern, my primary goal is to travel full time in a Motor home. Given that I’ll be traveling solo, initially I’ll restrict my travels to the US and Canada. I’m not opposed to travel in Mexico, Central America or Air travel elsewhere in the world, but I’d rather do that with companions or a group.

Specific ideas or sub goals are:

  • spending time visiting and learning about the sites and features of each state and province
  • being temperature comfortable by going south in the winter and north in the summer
  • visiting all of the national parks, many of the national monuments and historic sites
  • visiting civil war battle sites
  • visiting aerospace and military museums
  • visiting all of the retired warships now open as museums
  • following parts of old route 66
  • following parts of the historic Oregon trail
  • hike and bike scenic trails

As a general travel goal, I plan to follow a pattern of travel two or three hundred miles then stop for a couple of weeks.  During the winter I’ll probably stay in one place longer.   While parked, I’ll do day trips of up to a hundred miles from the RV.

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