Last Day in St. Augustine

Wednesday May 24th 2023

Today’s weather was OK. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great. The sky remained overcast all day. One quick storm passed through during the late morning and another threatened unsuccessfully during the afternoon. The temperature remained very comfortable in the low to mid seventies.

This was a day for catching up on chores around my RV home. My sink had accumulated a few dirty dishes that needed to be washed and stacked. I try to deal with them right after eating, but it doesn’t always happen. Once a few dishes get left in the sink, they seem to attract more dirty dishes. Luckily the sink that isn’t covered is only medium size. Not a lot of dishes can accumulate before I have to wash them and it only takes a few minutes. After the dishes the plan was to vacuum the floor, but the weather saved me from doing that chore. The vacuum cleaner hose and accessories are stored in an outside storage bin. It was raining, so I put off the task and never got back to it.

Walking around the RV park today was a challenge. Last night’s rain combined with this mornings showers left a lot of standing water. Conditions were not right for things to dry out today. Just getting out of my site without getting my feet wet required a big detour through the neighboring site. Later in the day that option disappeared with the arrival of a new neighbor. The walking trails near the retention pond and near the pool were all wet and muddy. My walk was pretty much restricted to the campground roads.

This is my last day in St. Augustine. Tomorrow I’m moving inland about sixty miles. Checkout time is at 11AM so it will be a busy morning. I got most of the outside tasks accomplished this afternoon. The remaining outside tasks for tomorrow morning involve dumping the holding tanks and unhooking from the utilities. There are still plenty of inside tasks to complete in the morning.


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