Considering Changes

Friday May 19th 2023

The thunderstorms missed this area today. The majority of the storms were further inland or south of here. It was only a moderately humid day with high temperatures in the mid eighties resulting into a very nice weather day. The rain is forecast to return over the next few days. Next week might be more wet than dry.

Lunch tastes good.

The news this morning had me reconsidering all of the tentative travel plans I was figuring out yesterday. A big chunk of the next few weeks was going to be at an Army Corp of Engineers campground. The current debate in congress over the national debt ceiling could impact the ability to stay at Federally funded campgrounds. In the past when budgets were not approved in a timely fashion the campgrounds have closed and people have been told to leave. I don’t want to deal with the uncertainty and possible need to scramble for alternatives at the last minute, so I’m scrambling now.

The weekend crowd has arrived at this RV resort. There are still empty sites, but the atmosphere is more lively. People are sitting outside in the evening. Conversations can be heard all over the park and the kids are back. There were quite a few people in the pool this afternoon. During the middle of the week people were mostly inside their RVs with the AC running. The formal campground recreation activities also resume with the weekend crowds.


1 thought on “Considering Changes

  1. The water lily is beautiful. So elegant. I don’t know what that little wispy blue flower is, but it sure is pretty. A delicate fluff. Now about those COE campgrounds…I hadn’t related our upcoming camping trips to this debt ceiling nonsense. Ugh! I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that we’ll still be able to go.

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