A Lazy Rainy Saturday

Saturday May 13th 2023

The day began with an overcast sky, but there was no rain in the forecast. While I was out on my first walk of the day in the early afternoon, the forecast turned out to be overly optimistic. It started to rain when I was about as far away from my RV home as I could be and still be in the campground. By the time I got home it was raining at a steady rate. Over the next couple of hours it rained and rained some more. Sometimes it was very hard and other times it was just a light rain. There was no wind or thunder and lightening. As evening approached the sky cleared.

Blossom of the day

I spent the day decompressing from yesterday’s travel. Other than a few additional setup tasks around my RV home it was mostly a very lazy day. In addition to the rain shortened walk I took another one later in the day. Both walks were focused on observing the changes to the park since my last visit last summer. There have been a lot of improvements. My first observation was that some of the park roads had been repaved. The road was filled with broken pavement and pot holes last year. Now it is a smooth surface, but not all of the runoff issues have been solved. There were still a few good size puddles after the rain.

The biggest change seems to be improvements to some of the sites. Many of the sites that were gravel last year have been lined with brick pavers. They look very nice. It also explains why there were fewer price categories when I booked my site. By upgrading the sites they were able to group the sites into a higher price category. I know I’m paying more this year than last, but haven’t done the research to figure out exactly how much. I’m guessing it is close to twenty percent more. That increase might explain why there are more vacant sites this weekend than I remember from last year at about this time. There also seem to be fewer long term residents.


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