The Alligators Made an Appearance Today

Sunday March 26th 2023

The fog was heavier this morning. It took longer for it to burn off. It was well after noon before the sun won the battle with the clouds. Once it did the temperature returned to the upper eighties. It is about ten degrees warmer than normal for the season.

Wood Stork

This morning I watched a steady stream of departing RVs. I would estimate more than half of the sites turned over today. By the time I lowered the shades in my RV home the only empty site remaining was beside me. There is always the possibility that it will be filled by morning.

With the arrival of full sunshine in the afternoon, I took a walk to the ponds at the day use area. People were in the process of cleaning up after a wedding. Apparently the pavilion was rented out for a wedding earlier in the day. They were in the process of removing white plastic chairs and other festive items. The day use area seems to be busy with special events. There was a concert yesterday and a wedding today.

I didn’t see as many wildflowers today. The blue lilies that were plentiful the last couple of days were down to only a couple of blossoms today. Instead I found a few animals to take pictures of. A Wood Stork was in the mud trying to get a drink of the little remaining water in the part of the swamp where the lilies grew. Over in the main pond I finally spotted a couple of alligators today. On my first few visits to the ponds I didn’t see any gators, but knew they were most likely present. Today I saw two young alligators. One was at the edge of the reeds and the other was swimming under the fishing dock. I suspect there are a few more back in the reeds.


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