St Patrick’s Day at Home

Friday March 17th 2023

The wind was back out of the south today. It brought a little warmer weather allowing the temperature to climb into the low eighties. The next storm front is due tomorrow afternoon.

Fluffy clouds in the blue sky.

The last of the week day site fillers departed this morning. This is my term for the travelers that pick up the midweek days that the remain available to reserve after the Florida natives book the weekends. This afternoon the weekenders started to arrive. They come will all forms of equipment from open air hammocks and tents to fancy RVs. Usually the local weekenders are families or young couples. The atmosphere in the park becomes much more active and the weekday quiet is replaced with the sound of active play.

Egret on the far bank of the lake.

I spent the day at home again today. The local county and municipal parks I’d like to visit are busy his week. It is school vacation week in this area. The county is running enrichment activities at the county preserves for the school kids. The local TV news had a story on the fishing lessons and hiking offerings at one of the parks. I don’t need to fight for parking only to fight for a little peace and quiet on the trails. The weekends have similar problems, so it will probably be next week before I visit the preserves. There is still plenty of nature here at the state park to keep me entertained.

The day use area at the park was a popular place for St. Patricks day gatherings today. In addition to families picnicking with a very green twist, there was a full blown party this evening in one of the pavilions. I think it may have been connected with the park staff. They had all kinds of decorations hung and were playing music that seemed to be appropriate for the holiday. It sounded like they were having fun.

Cooing in the light of the setting sun.

I stumbled on the March Madness Basketball tournament on TV today. A few years ago I would have been glued to the TV watching the games. I’m just not into college basketball anymore. I don’t know the good teams from the bad. I watched about one quarter of a game today. It wasn’t good or bad, just plain ugly. I think I’ll continue to avoid watching the tournament.


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