A New Years Kind of Day

Monday January 2nd 2023

There was still fog in the area this morning, but it was a sunny start to the day here. The sky was blue with a few scattered puffy clouds all day. The high temperature flirted with eighty degree mark.

Today’s bird picture

Today felt a little more like the New Years Day holiday. The Rose Parade was on the TV this morning and a few football bowl games were on in the afternoon. The parade and one of the games were on the TV, but I can’t say I really watched either of them. Mostly they served as background noise.

The pickle ball courts were empty this afternoon.

The other indicator that the holiday weekend was over came from all of the departures from the RV resort. From the time I got up until shortly after the 11AM checkout time there was a steady parade of RVs leaving the resort. Not as many RVs arrived later in the day, so the park is a little less occupied this evening. I suspect it will fill up with arriving snowbirds as the week goes by. For mow the recreation facilities including the pool and pickle ball courts are not as busy.

My chief activity for the day was backing up all of the pictures I’ve taken this year from my computer. I off load the pictures from my camera to my computer every night. I keep them sorted by date. My regular backup practice makes a copy every couple of weeks to couple of months depending on how diligent I am. At the end of every year I make two copies of all of the years pictures and blog text onto USB memory sticks. The sticks get stored in different places, one of which is in my “go” bag. I rarely have the internet bandwidth to upload all of the pictures to cloud storage. For special pictures or ones I want to share, I take the additional time to upload them to Google Photos and/or Amazon Photos.

This year I took more than 9,000 pictures. A high percentage of the pictures are of birds, wildflowers and elements of nature. I take pictures for three reasons. First is to add interest to my blog entries. Second is to remind me of things I’m experiencing and third just because I think something will make an interesting possibly artsy image. I try to take time setting up the pictures for reason one and three, but the pictures to remind me about the situation may be more snapshot quality. They may not be well framed or necessarily in focus.

After I finished all of my backups, I deleted from my computer’s hard drive the first five years of pictures. My one terabyte disk was getting very full. The five years of pictures took up more than 350 gigabytes of space. The computer is more than nine years old so I’m suspect on its continued function.


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