Saturday Not Sunday

Saturday November 26th 2022

My day started in a confused state. It was a cloudy almost foggy morning which kept things darker than normal well into the morning. When combined with the holiday weekend, I thought it was Sunday morning for at least the first hour of the day. When the Sunday morning TV news programs didn’t come on, the day’s true identity finally entered my foggy brain. Later in the day the confusion returned a few times. Things like “Why is a college football game on TV?”. It’s Saturday not Sunday.

While my brain seemed to remain cloudy all day, the weather start to clear up by the middle of the afternoon. The sun allowed the temperature to climb to near eighty. It remained very humid and tomorrow is forecast to start the same way. The only difference is tomorrow’s high is forecast to be in the mid eighties.

There are some big turtles in the front pond at the RV Resort.

Another reason I keep thinking this is Sunday, is the fact that I’m moving on Monday. Sunday would be my normal prep to move day, but I am still entertaining hope of going to SeaWorld on Sunday. Consequently, I’ve been doing some of my travel prep tasks today. Putting five weeks worth of clutter away is a big task.

The residents of the RV resort continue to decorate for Christmas. More lights and blow ups were setup today. Nothing extraordinary, but lots of festive color is getting added to the sides of the park roads. I’ll have to find somewhere else to get my holiday light fix since I move on Monday.


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