Are Shortages Returning?

Wednesday September 29th 2021

The nice fall weather continued today. It is getting a little more humid. With the humidity more clouds dot the sky. The billowy white and occasionally dark clouds form an interesting pattern in the sky. A couple of times today they threatened rain, but only a drop or two fell.

A day filled with lots of big clouds.

Today was another exciting grocery run. Listening to the gloom and doom news stories on TV, I expect to find shortages and huge price increases every time I go to the store. I didn’t find anything unusual about the supply on the shelves today. All year there have been small issues with choices of brand or flavor variations in products, but it has always been possible to get the things I need or a close option. Yesterday the news indicated a new shortage on paper products was happening. I found the paper towels and toilet paper aisle fully stocked. So I’m now fully stocked to the extent I have storage space.

Figuring if things are more expensive is more difficult. Moving around all the time and shopping in different areas adds an extra variable. Most of the prices on standard items like can goods or boxed goods go up and down a few cents depending on where the Walmart is located. Things that have a shorter life which may be sourced locally, like produce, meat and dairy are much harder to judge. I know the meat is more expensive than it was a couple of years ago, but I’m not sure when it went up. Produce is a total mystery with respect to the price. Its price is seasonal and demand based. The product that I find hardest to predict is milk. Some states must subsidize or tax it. The price can vary by more than a dollar a gallon from state to state. A half gallon of milk was only ninety eight cents today. That is the cheapest I’ve paid in ages.

Blossom of the day.

Tomorrow is my last full day at the this RV park. On Friday I’m moving east another fifty miles or so for another week. Until the end of the month my plans remain in jello.

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