My Second Slow Sunday in the Desert

Sunday March 29th 2020

The temperature made it a little above seventy five today. That’s still about five degrees below the average for the date, but I’m not complaining. The forecast is for a few degrees increase each day this week. Most of the day was sunny and calm. Near sunset a line of wind came through and blew the dust around for a few minutes. It has been calm again since.

Train heading west outside the RV park.

Another routine day in the travel holding pattern. After a slow breakfast accompanied by some TV and internet reading, I took my first walk of the day. This time I ventured a little further out the front gate of the RV park compound. The area has some nice desert wildflowers and a better view of the passing trains. There are two parallel tracks along the route between the Phoenix area and Tucson. Most of the trains are very long with four engines. The tracks in this area are fairly flat. East of Tucson is probably the nearest mountainous area along these tracks.

My second walk of the day was near evening. There are more people out at that time walking their dogs. The dog people in this park all seem to have more than one small to tiny dog. It is rare to see someone walking a single dog or a bigger dog.

Any perch in a storm.

1 thought on “My Second Slow Sunday in the Desert

  1. We drove alongside those tracks with trains running on them. Fortunate for us , we didn’t need the cross the tracks for a long way. By that time we were ahead of it!


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