Last Day at Willard Bay State Park

Monday June 10th 2019

Late last weeks cool weather continues to improve. Today was another few days warmer than yesterday. The temperature peaked in the low seventies. Tomorrow will be back at the normal temperature for this time of year in the high seventies to low eighties.

Blossom of the day.

This is my last day at Willard Bay State Park. I’ve enjoyed my stay, but will probably find a different place when I pass through this area again. The down side is the continuous road noise from Interstate 15. The road has a steady stream of traffic at all hour of the day and the topology of the land seems to funnel the sound into the campground. With the windows closed and the AC on it would be fine, but in the current weather I want the windows open.

View of the reservoir from the campground.

I made another grocery trip today to get provisions for the next week. I’ll be in areas that are not close to supermarkets. My original intent was to move across southern Idaho over the next week. In April, when I was looking for places to make reservations, I couldn’t find any place in the Twin Falls or Boise area. All of the viable options along Interstate 84 seemed to be booked. Instead I’m going a little further north in Idaho to Arco for three nights. I stayed at the Craters of the Moon KOA in 2017 and will spend another three nights there this week. My next stop will be just over the state line in Oregon next weekend.

After stocking the pantry and refrigerator I took another walk around the State Park. The wild flowers and bird life continue to draw my attention. Today I saw a large white bird swimming in the reservoir through the shore grass. It turned out to be a White Pelican. I had to crop and blow up my picture to be sure. This location is near one of their breading areas. I’ll miss the opportunity to see interesting wildlife in the campground. I don’t think my next stop will have that possibility, but the next two after that should.

White Pelican swimming in the reservoir beyond the shore grass.

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